Debug your Motion app with GeoPlayer

As your app can become GeoPlayer client when build with “GeoFake.framework”, you can also use GeoPlayer as motion activity simulator for your motion app. You can playback any recorded GPX data listed in GeoPlayer, and the client app use that location and motion data as if they are coming from GPS and CoreMotion.
All you have to do is add “GeoFake.Framework” and few codes for debugging.



1. Download GeoFake.framework and add it to your project.
 Also add MultipeerConnectivity.framework to your project.

2. Import header <GeoFake/GeoFake.h>.

3. Add code to initialize Location module.

4. Add code to initialize Motion module.

5. Add linker flags “-ObjC -all_load” to your project’s Build Settings.

6. Build and Run your app.
7. Connect GeoPlayer to your app.
8. Playback any GPX data, or use GeoPlayer manually to simulate location changes.
 Sample GPX data
Detail of GeoFake Class Interface