What is GeoPlayer ?

GeoPlayer is a simple yet powerful logging tool of your daily activity, works on iPhone running iOS7. For detail, please visit this page

Where can I get GeoPlayer ?

GeoPlayer is available via AppStore.


Does GeoPlayer work for iPhone4S ?

Yes. But some function does not work on iPhone4S and iPhone5. Such as,
– Motion tracking (not work on iPhone4S, iPhone5)
– AirDrop sharing (not work on iPhone4S)


What is GPX ?

GPX (the GPS Exchange Format) is a light-weight XML data format for the interchange of GPS data between applications and Web services on the Internet. For more information, please visit this website.


What can my app do with this framework ?

Your app can receive location and motion information from GeoPlayer as if your iPhone is moving around outdoor field. As this framework can simulate Region Monitoring, You also can debug GeoFence apps.

Any sample code ?

Sample code comes with GeoFake.framework. You can find three samples. [GeoFakeClient.app] Simulate location change. [MotionLog.app] Simulate location and motion change. [GeoFence.app] Simulate region monitoring.

Sometimes the blue dot on the MapView, that indicates current location, does not move for a while.

iOS sometimes forget to move the blue dot even if GeoFake is sending location information constantly. This is iOS’s issue, not GeoFake’s.

'unrecognized selector' happens when running my app using GeoFake.framework

Set Link flag ‘-ObjC -all_load’ to your Xcode project ‘Build Settings – Linking’.

Can not connect to GeoPlayer

Don’t forget to add MultipeerConnectivity.framework to your project.

Can I submit my app with GeoFake framework ?

No. Please remove GeoFake framework when you submit apps, because GeoFake is using private APIs.

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